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Tree Lopping and Tree Maintenance Services In North Brisbane

It is important to examine the trees on your property to ensure that they have not become infested with bugs and that the trees remain in overall good health. If your property has a dying or dead tree in your yard, you may require the services of a reliable and professional tree lopping Brisbane service to remove the tree safely and effectively. Dead or dying trees can cause severe damage to existing structures on your property and pose a dangerous risk of causing bodily injury in the event of a windstorm or other unforeseen occurrence. If you do not have the proper equipment and experience, you should not attempt to tackle a project like this on your own. B&R Tree Services offers professional tree lopping Brisbane and tree removal Brisbane services. Contact us to request a quote or to speak to one of our experts with any questions you may have about tree removal services for your property.

Your home will remain completely safe when you hire our tree lopping Brisbane services. We are fully licenced and insured, and in the unlikely event that we cause damage to your property, we will make all the necessary repairs at absolutely no cost to you.

Avoid any unnecessary liability and hire a fully licensed and insured company.

You should never attempt to remove a damaged tree from your yard yourself. Our skilled and trained professionals have the knowledge and ability to perform tree lopping in a safe and effective way, and attempting to do it yourself can lead to a poorly performed job and a number of subsequent problems such as:

  • Increased pest and disease
  • Poorly attached regrowth that can fall without warning
  • Death to part of the root system, or an increase in feeder root growth
  • Increased cost and frequency of following maintenance
  • Reduction in the tree’s lifespan

Our experienced tree removalists will safely remove your tree from the top down, and then remove the stump. The stump is not only an unattractive blemish in your yard, but can be a dangerous breeding ground for termites and white ants.

With our specialised equipment we can grind down the stump and its surface roots, ensuring a smooth and effective removal.

At B&R Tree Services, our qualified staff are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment to ensure every job is completed to a high standard.

If Council permission is required to remove a tree, we can assist with the process. We stand behind the work we provide and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We understand that requirements differ for each property. Whether you need tree lopping, tree removals or other tree services from us, we are happy to provide a detailed estimate including what you can expect. Simply contact us over the phone or by using our online form and we will get back to you shortly.

Our other services include:

It’s important that you address a diseased or rotting tree as soon as possible to prevent the problem getting worse or spreading to other surrounding trees in your yard.

Our expert tree lopping Brisbane services will be able to remove the damaged tree in a timely manner to ensure your home and property are not at risk.

Keep an eye out for the following signs that your tree may be diseased or rotting.

A hollow trunk. Check to see if your tree is hollow by either drilling a small hole in the trunk or by hitting it with a rubber mallet to see if it sounds hollow. If it does, it means insects and bacteria have been eating away at the healthy bark.

If branches are regularly breaking off or the highest branches aren’t growing, it could mean your tree is suffering from root loss which is a sign of internal rotting. Yellowing leaves or brown tips on leaves could mean the roots are too deep and not allowing the tree to grow.

Other signs that indicate an unhealthy tree include:

• Moss or ferns growing on the tree could mean damaged roots.

• Cavities and rotten wood in the trunk

• Mushrooms growing at the base of the trunk

• Cracks and splits in the trunk or limbs

• Dead or hanging branches

• Broken roots

In some cases you will require Council permission to remove trees from your property, depending on where you live, the type of tree it is and if there is a tree preservation order on your property.

We can help you find out what the limitations are on your specific situation, and if required, obtain Council permission to remove the tree.

In general, protected vegetation as identified by the Council under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 is not allowed to be worked on without express Council permission. There are 4 categories of protected vegetation:

• Council vegetation: Any vegetation that is on land or premises owned, controlled or occupied by the Council.

• Waterway and wetland vegetation: Vegetation that provides habitat for a unique diversity of flora and fauna, and helps to maintain water quality.

• Significant urban vegetation: Vegetation that is considered rare, adds to Brisbane’s unique landscape character, or is of environmental, cultural or historical significance.

• Significant native vegetation: Naturally occurring local vegetation which is native to Brisbane and has ecological value.

It is possible that you may have protected vegetation on your property if it is located near or in the Brisbane River or a waterway corridor, is located in a bushland area or rural area, contains large trees even in an urban area, or if it has heritage values.

For more information about protected vegetation and the permits required to work on them, visit the Brisbane City Council website. We may also able to help you with the application process if you are unsure of what is required.

Certain tree species are protected by the Council for the unique role they play in the local ecosystem, and we are not able to perform any tree lopping Brisbane services on any of these protected species without an official permit.

Fig trees require permits when they reach a diameter of 100cm or more. Mango trees, Poincianas and Jacarandas require permits when they reach a diameter of 80cm or more.

Hoop pines, Bunya pines, Kauri pines, Blue gums, Tallowwoods and Scribbly gums require permits when they reach a diameter of 60cm or more.

Our tree removal services are generally reserved for dead or damaged trees, or trees that may cause potential damage to your property if they are kept around. Please keep in mind that you will not normally receive Council permission to remove trees where:

• The objective is to improve your view

• The tree is dropping leaves, bark or fruit, as this is considered a natural process

• The tree is causing minor damage to property, such as to driveways, fences or pathways

• The tree is causing minor shading

• There are fears about large trees

• The tree is blocking pipes

• The tree does not suit your existing or proposed landscape

Why Choose B&R Tree Lopping Services?

You can expect all of the following when you choose us for tree lopping assistance:

  • Over 25 years experience in the industry.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • All estimates are free of charge and provided in writing.
  • Quality referrals are always available upon request.
  • Experienced and professional team.
  • Charitable giving as Members of The Lions Club International.

If you require a reliable tree removal services in Brisbane that works for your complete satisfaction, feel free to contact us today at 07 3264 6398. We look forward to serving you.