Palm Tree Removal Brisbane North

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane North

Brisbane Palm Tree Cleaning Experts

Palm trees add an inviting tropical look to your home and garden while also providing much needed shade from the sun. As they grow, most palm trees shed their seed pods and fronds naturally. The type of palm that naturally sheds in this manner is referred to as self-cleaning. Not all palms are self-cleaning and can become an eyesore in your garden, which is why palm tree cleaning is usually a necessity at some point during a palm’s life cycle. Additionally, ripe seeds may attract fruit bats or damage pool filters. Left with little to no maintenance, fallen palm fruit and seeds and can germinate in the landscape causing further mess in your garden, driveway or pavements. B&R Tree Services has the necessary expertise to care for all types of palm trees in order to keep you safe. We provide services to Brisbane and all of its surrounding areas. Contact us today for additional details or to request a quote.

Certain varieties of palms produce massive qualities of fruit, even for a single tree. These palms may look beautiful but are a nuisance if you have no plans to harvest the fruit, with the fruit growing in abundance before it is forced to drop. This only true solution is to remove the flower or fruit stalks before they mature, which can be done during the palm tree cleaning process.

For certain types of palms, another point to keep in mind is the fruit they produce gives off a very nasty smell if left to rot on the ground. You are then forced to either put up with the odour or manually shovel and remove the rotten dropping from your premises. Decomposing fruit and seeds can likewise attract unwanted insects to your property such as fruit flies.

Seeds, berries or fruit from palms can also be physically dangerous if left unattended on the ground, rolling underfoot like marbles and acting as potential tripping hazards.

Date and Coco palms are two such palms and require greater maintenance, growing wildly if left unattended and giving off an unkempt appearance to the rest of your garden and lawn. Cotton palms have their tricky requirements to attend to when it comes to cleaning and pruning because as they grow, they expand and spread outwards. Some variations of cotton palm also grow very sharp, perilous spikes which can make manoeuvring up and around them a nightmare and a safety concern for non-experienced climbers.

Regardless of the variety of palm or whether they are self-cleaning or not, pruning large palm trees can be very dangerous. Due to the heights palm trees can reach in maturity, accessing the fronds, seedpods and fruit stalks for pruning and removal can be challenging. You need the right tools and equipment to efficiently and most importantly safely, reach these high elevations in a practical way that allows for palm tree cleaning.

We provide skilled palm tree cleaning specialists that are the masters in reaching these hard to reach places, without causing detrimental harm to the base, structure or trunk of the tree. This ensures the palm keeps its aesthetic appeal and beauty in your yard, and a tree that is not marked and scratched, because damage done to a palm’s trunk will often never heal again.

Perhaps the greatest reason to use a professional palm tree cleaning service is the expertise to know exactly what should and shouldn’t be pruned and removed from your palm trees. They are a unique breed of tree, storing reserves of starch in their trunks that can be assembled during periods of stress, such as fire or frost, to regenerate lost fronds.

They are designed to try and rejuvenate these lost green fronds as fast as possible, because they are crucial to the life force of the palm, producing food and keeping it healthy.

Overzealous pruning can actually be detrimental in keeping a palm tree alive, and it is regularly a mistake many amateurs make during the procedure of cleaning palm trees.

Palm trees need enough healthy fronds for nutrients, so be able to identify what can be safely removed and what should be left alone during the clean-up process is a priority. B&R Tree Services only use palm cleaning pros, who have the experience and expertise to recognise clearly what can be removed without causing long-term damage to the palm tree.

These are just a few reasons why palm cleaning is best left to a professional, rather than an amateur, as the process can be much more involved than simply hacking away at the palm tree.

B&R Tree Services has the necessary knowledge and skill to care for all types of palm trees in order to keep you safe. We provide services to Brisbane and all of its surrounding areas. Contact us today for additional details or to request a quote.

Trees need to be removed for various reasons. Whether the roots are damaging your pipes or you no longer desire it to be part of your landscaping. More importantly, if you suspect a palm tree has become diseased or badly damaged in a storm, it becomes a safety hazard and should be removed immediately. A storm-damaged tree is much easier to spot than a diseased tree.

Listed below are the three most common disease types in Australia:

  • Bud Rot:

     This type of fungus is most common in the summer and attacks the heart fronds of palms. Bud Rot is a type of fungus that infects the fronds and subsequently causes them to shrivel up and die. If caught in the early stage of the disease, chemicals can be applied to treat your palm.
  • Fusarium Wilt:

     This type of fungus was first detected in the early 1980’s. The main symptom of Fusarium Wilt is that fronds lose their lustre, begin to wilt, and eventually die. This is a particularly devastating disease as there is no known cure. Once a tree is infected it must be removed to keep the fungus from spreading spores to other trees.
  • Ganoderma Rot:

     Originating in Florida, this type of fungus is relatively new to Australia. At the moment, no species of palm is known to be resistant to Ganoderma Rot. This disease enters the palm through a wound, quickly makes its way to the centre and causes the wood to rot. Given enough time, the fungus forms a horizontal white disk on the bark, which is commonly referred to as a “conk”. As with Fusarium Wilt, there is no known cure and trees with Ganoderma Rot need to be removed at once.

Certain larger forms of palm tree may need council approval to be removed, and we are more than happy to assist you in this process. The procedure for removing a palm tree is similar to our general tree lopping service, following the same principles of cutting away at the tree before felling. Regardless of the type of tree, we always ensure total safety for the surrounding landscape and your property and palms are no different. You can count on us to get the job done, even in difficult or limited spaced areas.

We can even assist in the removal of the remainder palm tree stump, with tree grinding services that will make it appear that the palm was never even there in the first place!

Because as your palm tree removal Brisbane experts, when it is time to say goodbye to a palm, you can be assured we provide fast, affordable solutions by a team of experienced tree removalists.

At B&R Tree Services, we do much more than simply trim trees and cut back overgrown brush. We have put together a team that has a desire to take their love of the outdoors to your doorstep. Our courteous and friendly staff will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

We are fully licensed and insured, protecting you from any liability if an unforeseen accident occurs. Not all of our competitors are able to deliver such peace of mind. We also set ourselves apart from other tree companies by providing our clients with over 25 years of field-tested experience.

We take customer service one step further with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we will come back and correct any issues at absolutely no cost to you.

Hire the Palm Tree Removal Professionals

Palm tree removal is a complicated and dangerous process that requires a skilled professional. B&R Tree Services has a highly experienced staff that will safely remove your trees. Attempting to do this yourself is dangerous as there are risks you might not be aware of such as power and gas lines which can lead to severe injury.

By identifying the proper trees for removal, we are paving the way for you to have the worry-free outdoor experience you deserve. All you need to do is contact us today on 07 3264 6398 or send us an inquiry using our online to receive a free estimate.