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There are times you might need to have a tree stump removed from your Brisbane north property, either your house, business or office.

Whether it be for safety and maintenance reasons or for general landscaping, when a tree is removed, its remaining stump may need to be removed as well.

Left alone, the stump will decompose on its own but there is no way to know how long this will take.

You may then be left with a useless stump taking up valuable space, and may have unintended negative consequences. This is where hiring a professional team for all your stump grinding Brisbane north needs and to make your yard safe again is a great idea.

Stumps are ground to an industry standard 300mm below ground level. This widely practiced method of stump removal is versatile and can be used on stumps of any size.

Our grinders are small enough to access almost any area on your property, and do not leave behind large holes after removal.

When finished, we perform extensive cleanup and waste removal for you. Our mission is to leave your yard looking better than when we arrived.

Stump grinding offers the following benefits:

Stump grinding is an environmentally conscious solution that avoids using harsh chemicals. It is also becoming the method most preferred by conservation groups because of its ability to target and remove contaminated stumps.

This process helps stop the spread of disease to other healthy trees and prevents your garden’s ecosystem from further contamination.

Powerful blades tear through stumps and leave behind mulch as a byproduct. Mulch is very beneficial to use around your plants and in your gardens.

Benefits include higher water retention, weed prevention, consistent root temperature, and a nice visual touch. If you wish, we can take the mulch away from you.

Blades of various shapes and sizes can be used to remove stumps with amazing precision. This allows their removal without damaging nearby plants, trees, or other landscaping.

You would be amazed at some of the locations we have removed tree stumps from previously, and we are not afraid to tackle the difficult job areas on your property.

Stump grinders complete the job in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional removal methods. Hiring a pro like B&R Tree Services will further reduce the time, as we have experienced experts who know how to efficiently remove stumps

Stumps get in the way when you are either cutting your lawn or working in the garden. Removal of these impediments simplifies the process of caring for your yard. No longer do you have to account for a stump and worry about possible accidents.

stump grinding brisbane

Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than having tree stumps on your property is trying to remove them yourself. Professionals have the experience to reduce the risk commonly associated with grinding tree stumps and know about the safety regulations involved.

Injury is all too common when trying to grind stumps yourself without any training. Instead, allow us at B&R Tree Services to perform the job for you.

Hiring a stump grinder yourself may seem like a cheaper option, but often the machines will be smaller and weaker than the ones used by professionals. This means it can take much longer to grind away larger tree stumps, which actually ends up costing you more money and a whole lot of your time as well.

What’s worse, you have no way of accurately determining the quality or current condition of potential stump grinding machinery you may hire. There is a good chance the equipment has been used incorrectly by previous renters or has not been properly serviced and maintained.

The blades could be dull and blunt and not be able to tackle the jobs required of it. There’s little point using a machine that cannot cut as deep as it’s required to remove any entrenched roots. Fail to do so could even lead to the risk of the tree growing back.

Finally, there is nothing more frustrating than hiring a grinder, getting it into position, perhaps even using it and realising it will not be sufficient for the task at hand.

Professional machinery is more powerful, so not only is there a better chance for the job to be finished easier, but also provide a neater, cleaner final result.

If the stump is small enough, you can rent a small stump grinder and try removing it yourself. If the stump is large, or you have several smaller stumps, your best course of action is to hire a professional.

Even if a stump looks small, underneath, it may have an extensive root system invisible from sight that will make it a tough job. Trying to remove a stump by yourself is strenuous work, and there is no guarantee that you will be successful.

B&R Tree Services offers professional stump grinding Brisbane assistance for your property.

Why deal with these hazards and jeopardize your lawn and garden? Instead, allow us at B&R Tree Services to perform the work for you, we clean up after we have completed the task, so you can enjoy your yard again straight away.

Our expert staff members have a deep understanding of the entire process, as well as the proper tools and equipment for the job. Our expertise comes from serving Brisbane and Brisbane North for over 25 years. During that time, we have perfected our methodology for grinding stumps.

Once you have arranged a time with B&R Tree Services, you can start preparing your yard for our removal team.

This will assist us in getting the job done for you as fast as possible and with minimal risk. Identifying and removing any potential hazards and personal belongings from around the area, such as lawn furniture, sports equipment, yard debris and other items will let us bring in our equipment smoothly without any delays.

Clearing tree stump areas is also highly important from a safety perspective. The machinery grinding wheels operate at extremely fast speeds.

If loose stones or a forgotten nail make contact with the machinery while it is on, they can quickly become dangerous missiles that could result in serious damage to someone if struck.

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