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No mess! We Leave Your Yard Clean

There will be times you want to keep a tree on your property, but remove branches causing problems, e.g. for safety reasons. Our tree pruning Brisbane service is the ideal way of removing the hassle from maintaining your trees yourself while ensuring they stay in tip top condition.

While we pride ourselves in being the tree removal Brisbane experts, we have just as much experience and expertise in thinning and pruning trees!

At B&R Tree Services, we trim trees to the Australian Standard listed by the Pruning of Amenity Trees Act.

This means you won’t have to worry about re-growth, the timber rotting where a branch has been cut off by us and storm damage.

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple trees that need pruning, or it’s one large tree that over the years has grown out of control and now threatens your property.

Don’t let trees hold your home or business ransom, with branches spreading into unsafe places or causing issues that directly affect your property.

With all our tree pruning Brisbane jobs, once completed, we perform a full yard clean up. That means no leftover branches to rot, or a messy storm of leaves left to clean on your lawn.

It will be like we were never there, except for the perfectly pruned and thinned trees we leave behind on your premises.

It’s just not worth risking your safety when B&R Tree Services has tree pruning Brisbane professionals ready on standby, for all pruning and thinning tasks big and small. We stand by our work we do and aren’t happy with the service unless you are 100% satisfied.

Even for the tallest of trees requiring pruning work, our team are highly qualified and take safety very seriously. Have the confidence our pruners know exactly what they’re doing, having relevant industry qualifications for working in conditions and with the equipment needed for tree pruning.

With dozens of successful jobs under their belt, rest assured B&R Tree Services has real experienced staff that know what they’re doing from start to finish.

They understand the areas to prune and cut away on your trees that ensure continued health, and when required, bring the equipment to scale those hard to reach locations needing pruning.

Also, unlike some tree service companies, our pruners are fully insured and licenced for total peace of mind.

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The Benefits of Tree Pruning

There are several reasons why pruning and thinning are crucial for achieving long-lasting life from your trees, keeping them healthy and looking good while also making sure they don’t cause future problems.

Whether the reason is tidying to improve attractiveness, stopping growth before damage is caused or a combination of both, at some point or another tree pruning may be required, especially for larger tree varieties.

The following points are why it’s a smart move to keep your trees pruned:

One of the core reasons why tree pruning is critical, cutting back trees due to growing safety concerns is a good idea to address potential problems before they cause serious damages.

As trees continue to grow, branches may extend into unsafe places. This includes wire and power lines, where branches may tangle and disconnect your service, causing interruptions. Worse, fallen power lines and service wires are massive potential safety hazards to anyone on the ground.

In many of these situations, you will also need to go through the hassle of calling the appropriate repair person to reinstate broken lines or to restore power to the property.

It can also make the process of pruning difficult, as cutting away tree branches from power lines needs to be done carefully.

Pruning problematic tree branches before they damage power and service lines is the best preventative action. Ensure it’s done correctly with truly experienced professionals like B&R Tree Services.

In similar cases, tree branches growing beyond your expectation could be a risk to your property. Even if over growing branches aren’t directly threatening the premises, they could still make contact with your home or business by breaking off and falling.

This especially happens during big storms and there’s plenty of those in Queensland!.

Dead and dying branches are also potential risks for those below. Don’t take any chances of having branches fall and injure someone in your yard. Let us come in and clean your trees and alleviate your tree safety concerns.

Pruning and thinning trees are a requirement if you want to maximise the visual appeal of your yard and lawn. Trees can be radically transformed by correctly pruning. We can assist in cutting trees to fit shape, cleaning them up lifeless branches.

At times, trees grow with a mind of their own. Branches go in directions you would have never imagined, causing future branches to grow erratically as well. In these cases, proper pruning is necessary to maintain a natural tree form.

Pruning trees to increase attractiveness can still have practical applications.

Typically, the shade trees grant is a welcome addition, but there are times is can be a hindrance to your lawn. Overly shady areas can prevent grass and plants growing, especially important if you are landscaping new parts of your yard that are covered by heavy tree shade.

Removing branches that cause hefty leaf fall is another reason we have been called to prune and thin trees at B&R Tree Services. It helps keep the yard clean and means you won’t have to rake those leaves up so much!

Other times, removing leafy branches is essential to keeping gutters clear from blockages, which if not attended can cause water leaking.

Finally, sometimes tree pruning and thinning is requested for aesthetic reasons that have nothing to do with the tree at all! Our team are well versed in pruning to maximise a vista.

Having a tree grow over the years and block your gorgeous view can range from being a minor annoyance to something that will cost you revenue (commercial properties, hotels and the like).

Proper tree pruning and thinning assists with the health and growth of a tree, provided branches aren’t removed randomly and without reason. B&R Tree Services has experienced tree specialists with the knowledge to identify what should be removed to promote growth and what needs to remain for the overall health of the tree.

Other health advantages of pruning include increased light and air penetration, particularly for thick branched tree species. For younger and newly planted trees, pruning aids growth, while, with older trees, it can be done as a preventive measure to keep it healthy.

If a tree has become diseased and is rotting, professional pruning and removal may be able to prevent it spreading further throughout the tree and to neighbouring ones. Cutting away branches with disease also gives a chance of recovery, avoiding the need for tree removal.

Perhaps your old majestic trees are getting a little overgrown and require a little maintenance to get back into shape. Ensure the splendour of your trees last and stay healthy in your property by having B&R Tree Services worry about their upkeep.

Tree Pruning Techniques

No matter what type of pruning is required for your trees, you can be certain B&R Tree Services has industry professionals with the expertise to get the task done safely and efficiently.

Improper pruning and branch removal can cause serious damage to your trees. Make certain your trees survive their pruning process by talking with tree specialists who guarantee their work.

By cutting and pruning to the Australian Standard outlined in the Pruning of Amenity Trees Act, you can be confident we know how to professionally maintain your trees and avoid mistakes the amateurs make.

Bringing all the equipment for a successful, productive job, trust us to handle any tree size and shape, being the experts at tackling the challenging tree projects.

We have helped customers with:

Cleaning: A focus on removing dead, dying and weak branches. Moving down the tree from its crown, we remove branches and parts of the tree that aren’t require for growth. Diseased branches are also cut away as treatment and to assist recovery.

Thinning: Selective branch removal to improve light penetration and air circulation. Used also to retain shape for overgrown trees and to tidy up its limbs.

Vista: Pruning to achieve the best possible view, usually from a balcony or window. Cutting just enough away to maximise the vista, while still ensuring the health of the tee.

Raising: Cutting away the lower branches of a tree to provide clearances. This could be done to provide space for pedestrian walkways, cycling bike passes and building developments.

Reduction: To alter the shape and spread of a tree to make it smaller. This can be done for aesthetic or utility purposes and is a technique that is also used to maintain the structural integrity of the tree.

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Our pruning services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with us for an obligation-free chat regarding your tree pruning and thinning requirements.

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