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Are there trees on your Strathpine property that have overstayed their welcome? Entrust the task of their removal to B&R Tree Services, and rest assured that our team will handle the job efficiently and without a trace of debris.

With close to three decades of expertise in felling and disposing of trees throughout Brisbane, our team of professionals possesses the know-how and skills to tackle your arboreal concerns with absolute confidence.

Steer clear of the risk of injury or damage to your property by attempting the task yourself. Instead, let our experts take the reins and complete the job with finesse.


Our Range of Tree Services in Strathpine

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just some upkeep, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet all of your landscaping needs. Our expertise in both design and maintenance allows us to provide you with valuable advice on how to keep your yard looking its best.

But that’s not all. When you take advantage of our tree services throughout Brisbane, you’ll be saving more than just your energy. You’ll also be avoiding pesky tip fees, rental fees for Utes or trailers, and reclaiming precious time. Plus, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view and a safer environment. Trust us to handle all of your landscaping needs, and you won’t be disappointed.

We suggest removing trees that exhibit signs of poor health, such as unusual growth patterns or rot and decay. Eliminating these diseased trees will help to protect the safety of those who frequent your residential or commercial property during storms and high winds.

Unhealthy trees have the potential to unexpectedly fall or shed limbs, which could result in extensive property damage or personal injury. Our team of experts is capable of evaluating your property and offering recommendations to prevent such tree failures, while also enhancing the appearance of your yard.

Mature trees can provide a wonderful sense of seclusion and refreshing shade for both residential and commercial properties. However, certain restrictions must be observed. It is not advisable to have any trees that hang over neighbouring properties or obstruct public areas such as pathways, gutters, or power lines.

If any trees on your property go beyond the acceptable distance, our team can trim them to ensure compliance with the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees. This guarantees that your trees remain stable and secure as they grow, while preventing any potential hazards caused by breaches.

The palm tree is very much a part of our sunny Queensland landscape. They are an inviting element for some, but unfortunately some palms species can be a nuisance. Many are self-cleaning and drop seedpods and fronds as part of their natural growing process. Others require regular maintenance, and due to their size, they can be extremely hard to reach.

On occasion, palm trees may need to be removed entirely due to storm damage, rot or old age – which we can do for you.

Also, if you plan to sell your home in future, palms trees are one area that can increase property value and give a great first impression.

Mulching is a great addition to any garden bed. Retaining moisture, reducing weeds, keeping even root temperatures and guarding your plants from lawn equipment are just some of many benefits that mulch has to offer.

We can provide you with the best mulch for gardens to ensure your plants see a healthy and bright future.

Stump grinding is the final step in any tree removal process. Stumps should be removed in order to prevent regrowth, termites, root rot and many other nasties.

B&R Tree Services grind all stumps back to the industry standard of 300mm below ground followed by a full waste clean-up.

Think your tree is in an awkward spot? We have the right equipment to access almost of those tricky spots so don’t be shy to give us a call.


Our Testimonials

We have many clients who are happy with the services we provide for their yards.

“Thank you once again for your prompt and efficient service, and no doubt I shall see you again in about 18 months.” Amanda

“Because you continue to do a great job (…), we are happy to recommend you to our family and friends and get you back twice each year.”  Bernie

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