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Frequently asked questions

Tree lopping and removal can be a difficult process. More so, it can be a very dangerous process. The minimise risk to your property and neighbours, when it comes to large and tall trees it’s better to have an inspection done by a professional tree service and lopping company.

Professionals will have the knowledge, experience and proper equipment to tackle the tree removal process, and can take the necessary steps to make sure the tree removal is done in proper accordance.

True Brisbane tree removal experts will prioritise safety, knowing how to prune and thin a tree so that branches don’t cause a risk people and property below. It’s important professionals are used if tree removal causes contact with powerlines, as it can be a fatal situation without proper handling and removing.

Yes, it is one of our key promises. We make sure your yard is left clean and tidy so you won’t have to waste your time with a back breaking cleanup. Be wary of tree lopping Brisbane services that do the job, but leave you with the mess.

Depending on the job done, cleaning up after tree removal and other yard services could be a massive task in itself – the last thing you want to have to do to get your yard back in order.

You will also save on tip fees, ute hire and trailer hire and the hassle of having to organise them all. Plus, some of the waste may be unusable as mulch for your yard, and we can help you put it aside so you can use it later to promote tree and garden growth.

No matter what Brisbane tree services you require, you can be certain we will leave your property clean, tidy and with the mess gone!

Yes your home will remain safe with B & R Tree Services! We are fully insured to 10 million dollars – With a Certificate of Currency available. In the unlikely event that we damage your property, we will repair the damage at no cost to you. This is true for all our Brisbane tree services.

Not all tree companies have insurance. Do not risk potential damages that will be paid out of your pocket by asking your contractor if they have sufficient insurance for the job.

Also, it’s a wise move to ask what type of insurance they have and what it does cover so you are fully aware before any work commences.

No you won’t have to pay for rubbish tip fees,saving you hundreds of dollars in the process. All trees are completely mulched quickly with our state of the art chipper, which can also be used for your garden, lawn and yard.

Let our tree removal Brisbane team take care of the hard work for you.

With our stump grinding Brisbane team, we can grind your stumps below ground level, turning vacant land into a usable area. This enables you to lay turf or establish garden beds.

Also, the grindings will rot down a lot faster than the stump, reducing food for termites and helping them from being a potential nest that could cause damage long term.

If we find evidence of termites in your trees, we will advise you as it is best to remove them before they do thousands of dollars damage to your property.

Maybe. It depends if there is a tree preservation order on your property. We can help you to find this out and help you get Council permission to do this work.

Having an experienced and knowledge contracter undertake your Brisbane tree services will ensure you are following laws and keep out of trouble.

An order by your local council that protects a certain tree from being cut down, removed, thinned and pruned. Even if a tree appears dead or dying, a VPO may still be enforced.

Damaging a tree with a VPO can lead to hefty fines – use a contractor who will check VPO and Council permission for you like B & R Tree Services. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

The QLD government has rules and regulations regarding overgrown trees, whose responsibility it is and what needs to be done legally.

The Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act 2011 defines a tree-keeper as the registered owner of the land the tree is growing on. If an overgrown tree is entering a neighbor’s yard or growing into council property like street lights or power poles and it is on the land you own, you are responsible for maintaining it.

It’s not just individuals who could be a tree-keeper; it could be an organisation or body corporate.

Your Council will ultimately decide if a tree needs to be removed or pruned and will advise you by notice.

Yes. We are absolutely certain that the team from B&R Tree Services will provide you with the best care for your trees, the best care for your property and the best care for you (like we have for thousands of others) that we are prepared to take all of the risk.

If, by the end of the job, you honestly don’t feel that our team did their best to prune your trees to a high standard, to remove your trees safely without causing unnecessary damage to your home or garden and leave your garden clean and tidy, we will work for free until you are completely delighted with the end result.

Our team are dedicated to providing all your professional Brisbane tree services.

We are 100% committed to you getting the best service from B&R Tree Services, and will stand by that with this guarantee.