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What Are the Most Common Tree Maintenance Mistakes?

Mistakes can often be fixed, but why not try preventing them in the first place? Learn these common tree maintenance mistakes homeowners make to avoid suffering from the same consequences they are.

Why Is Tree Maintenance Important?

A well-maintained tree can transform a landscape. An ugly tree can too!

However, maintaining trees is not all about improving the overall appearance of your landscape. While trimming tree limbs or branches prevents unattractive crossovers that compete for space, pruning trees is essential for health.

Usually dead and dying branches are removed for appearance reasons, as well as preventing damage from worsening that could result in lasting damage or an untimely dead tree. Don’t stop there though. Proper pruning of trees stimulates new growth as well as strengthening the tree itself. This also allows you to keep a closer eye on your trees’ direction of growth. Further promoting their long-term stability and health, not to mention safety.

While we cannot prevent all damage from trees, we can certainly minimise the potential impact. Healthy, pruned trees are far less likely to fall victim to destructive winds or torrential rain. This keeps you (and your wallet) safe from having to deal with costly damage.

Speaking of money, did you know that your home’s landscape is huge factor to property value. A well-maintained landscape can substantially increase your property value. Consider your home exterior and landscaping the first and often only impression people have. Regular maintenance will keep your trees’ growth in check as well as eliminating unsightly overgrowth which can diminish the visual balance of your yard.

A glimpse of D.I.Y Tree Maintenance.

Now that you know the importance of proper tree maintenance, let’s dive into the top 4 mistakes homeowners make when maintaining their trees…

Mistake 1. Bad Timing

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘There’s a time for everything‘? – that applies to tree maintenance.

Often homeowners will prune their trees when they are overgrown, dying or simply when they have the time. While you may have heard that Winter or before storm season are the traditional time to prune, this isn’t always the case. Each and every tree species has its season and often this is not known.

A tree professional, with their extensive knowledge, will be able to tell you the best time to prune specific trees as to avoid stunting their growth.

Mistake 2. Over Pruning

Homeowners often have the temptation to chop off every branch that looks unhealthy or is out of place.

This temptation can lead to over-pruning which can upset a tree. Removing excessive branches will leave your tree susceptible to disease and decay. Trees can even go into decline due to stress of constantly growing back branches lost to pruning. Sometimes it is best to remove the entire tree when it looks too far gone to revive.

Another ill effect, although potential to be an advantage, over pruned trees often re-grow at a faster rate.  Turning regular maintenance into frequent which can cost you valuable time.

Mistake 3. Over Watering

Much like all living things, trees need water to stay alive. However, over watering trees is surprisingly a common mistake people make.

While your trees’ root system will take up the water, they also need air to breathe. In simple terms, over watering can drown your tree.

When soil is constantly wet, this reduces the air pockets needed to provide adequate nutrients to the root system.

Signs of over watering are indicative by slow growth, or wilting, brown leaves. There is often confusion here because leaves will also brown and wilt as a result of too little water.

Hot Tip: The biggest difference between the two is that too little water will result in your plant’s leaves feeling dry and crispy to the touch while too much water results in soft and limp leaves.

Mistake 4. Poor Technique

Many homeowners have the urge to trim to cut branches flush to the trunk, which you think would be the way to do it… WRONG.

You will notice that most branches erecting from the trunk of a tree, have a base. This is called a branch collar, which helps the trunk heal cuts. Therefore, when pruning through the branch collar you are allowing the tree to become more vulnerable to pests and disease with an open wound, as well as affecting its health and ability to regrow structurally.

A close up of a Branch collar, at the base of a branch.

Truth be told, if you’re not an expert with many years maintaining trees, you may be risking the life of your trees, the appearance of your landscape and the value of your property.

To avoid these Common Tree Maintenance Mistakes that many homeowners make, contact your local Tree Expert now.

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