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What Are The Best Trees To Have Around Your Pool?

Landscaping around a swimming pool can really make your pool pop, especially in the backyard. Choosing the best trees to have around your pool however is task that requires a lot of thought.

How much shade does my pool need? Will roots affect my plumbing system? Do I have the time to clear sums of leaf litter? These are just some of the many factors pool owners need to consider when landscaping around the pool.

Before we share the best trees to have around pools we need to consider those things which may limit tree selection.


The natural shade from trees and other plants can greatly enhance an outdoor space and should be the first choice for providing shade, where it is possible.

Not only are you creating a beautiful natural aesthetic, you are also saving big bucks by not resorting to those expensive umbrellas, gazebos and shade sails.

When planning natural shade you’ll need to consider a few things…

  • the density of the foliage, as sparse trees will allow UVR to break through.
  • planting in groups with spacing, to allow for canopies and other out features to fit into the landscape to assist with further shading.
  • the time of year and the geographical location that the shade is needed – these affect the choice of vegetation.

If you’re in around the pool, it most likely to be a hot day. In saying so, shading needs to be considered.


While a dense foliage is great for shade. It is also great for privacy from neighbours and/or people passing by.

Showing off a nice pool is one thing, but having everyone watch you swim is something else.

This is just one of many reasons why people like to hide their pool away. Especially as the community battles with bigger houses on smaller blocks.

Trees are a great way to privatise a pool!

Sizing, Timing and the View

There’s a trifecta many forget when landscaping pools.

  • What size tree/plant you desire.
  • How long you think you’ll be staying at the property.
  • Depending on size, will you obstruct view.

For example, if you want an overarching tree, it’s got to be tall right?

But unfortunately some of the higher growing trees can take 10 years to mature. Would you still be living in the home? Would it obstruct a scenic view that you have?

It’s always good to remember these considerations, as often they are entirely missed.

The initial effort wasted and then you’ll require additional effort to make it functional.

Irrigation & Plumbing

It’s true, tree roots can damage your swimming pool and surrounding plumbing much like they can any other structure.

Often this consideration is missed on a D.I.Y tree planting, because people forget about the long term and just want to beautify their pool straight away – which is fair enough.

Common trees whose roots are known to cause this kind of damage to pipes include poplar, ash, alder and pine trees.

That’s where our tree experts come in. They’ll tell you what kind of trees are ideal for around your pool that won’t break into the pipes laying below causing all sorts of expensive problems.

Pool Water Poisoning

You might think that trees next to a pool would flourish. After-all water is vital for the life and survival of all plants.

However, since most swimming pool water is chlorinated or salted, splashes of water can poison trees and plants surrounding.

As a general rule, plants with tough, leathery leaves can better withstand chemical damage from things like chlorine.

As for saltwater pools, the general rule of thumb is to look for plants that have silvery, furry or waxy leaves.

Picking the right type of trees to have around your pool will help you spend less time worrying about your garden and more time enjoying your pool.

Tree Litter

Lastly, unless you love cleaning, you should choose trees with minimal leaf drop.

Not only would you have to clean seed pots, fruit, flowers and leaves from the water. It can cause all kinds of problems for your pool filter if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Best Trees To Have Around Your Pool

Now that you’re aware of the considerations, let’s dive in to the best trees to have around your backyard pool.


  • Add a pop of colour and personality to your pool area
  • Allows ‘urban farmers’ to grow a fruit producing tree
  • Often potted, which allows you to relocate



Palm Trees

  • Classic tropical addition
  • Variety in foliage gives options on the ideal look and shade
  • Roots tend to grow straight down, likely to not affect structures



  • Coastal tree – unaffected by saltwater
  • Provides shade only when mature
  • Unique flowers


Olive Trees (Non-Fruiting)

  • Non-fruiting olive trees have minimal droppings
  • Long lasting
  • Require minimal maintenance


Bay laurel

  • Salt and drought tolerant
  • Great for privacy





…Those our some of our most recommended trees for around the pool. But again it depends on your situation and what you want.

With many around-the-pool jobs behind our belt, we would like to offer our expert opinion and advice on this topic!

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