7 reasons why you should remove a tree

7 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree [Infographic]

Although we all do as much as we can to keep our trees happy and healthy, there are reasons why a tree will need to be removed. This infographic shows you the most common reasons a tree needs to be removed.

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1. Dead Trees

A dead tree if left standing will slowly lose strength and potentially fall especially during summer storms. As we all know, a falling tree can be disastrous. Therefore, a dead or dying tree should be removed immediately.

2. Diseased Tree

It’s hard to know if a tree has a disease just by looking at it. More often than not, it’s too late to save a diseased tree. If you suspect that one of your trees is diseased, it’s imperative that you have it assessed. A diseased tree is a weakened tree which also poses a collapsing risk. But also, immediate removal will prevent the disease spreading to other trees.

3. Storm Damaged Trees

Many people assume that wind is the only way that trees get damaged but often, lightning is the main culprit and will permanently damage a tree. Sometimes you won’t be able to see the damage until a long time after the strike.

4. Overhanging/Encroaching Trees

Many people don’t look ahead at how a newly planted tree can affect surrounding structures in future years. Trees are great at the beginning but can grow at an alarming rate – especially in our sub tropical climate. You may have a tree that is near the foundations of your house, is leaning on a fence, getting in the way of power lines or is disturbing your view. It’s often best to completely remove the tree to prevent constant maintenance or inevitable future removal. And often, the roots which you can’t see are causing just as many issues.

5. The Tree Drops Leaves/Fruit/Seeds

Many times, owners have just had enough of the constant cleaning up of a tree on a weekly basis. Many older residents simply are physically unable to keep up with a tree. The issue is magnified when the remnants are dropping into a pool or spa.

6. Selling the House

Often, a crowded yard can really make a property appear smaller and not as appealing to potential house buyers. Also, if you live in a family area, a big backyard with space for the kids to play is a big tick on the list of many young families. Decluttering and removing your backyard trees can really open up the property and add thousands to your sale price.

7. Getting Rid of Pests

If you have trees close to your house, this provides an easy entrance to possums, rats and of most concern termites. If you find termites in a tree near your home and you own a timber house, you’ll need an immediate termite inspection and removal of the tree.

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