What We Do at Brisbane Tree Removal

What We Do at Brisbane Tree Removal & Pruning Northside – When You Need to Call B&R Tree Services

Tree Lopping & Tree Removal

It is vital that if you notice or suspect one of your trees is showing signs of damage, you get in touch with us immediately, so we can assess the situation with a professional eye before it gets any worse! Here are a few tips to look out for to see if you need to call a Brisbane Tree Removal service like us:

Is the tree leaning? 

    • Step back, look at the entire tree and examine it for leaning. Some trees can lean naturally, however if you notice the lean is something new or unsure that the tree has leaned forever – contact us! It can be an indicator that the entire tree is dead or dying or may soon fall!

Inspect the base of the tree

      • Tree roots are a strong indicator of the health of your tree. Inspect the base area, while doing so, pay attention to the ground. Are the roots visibly damaged or decaying?  This can mean the tree has lost some structural support – increasing the risk of falling anytime. Look at where the base of the tree meets the ground, is there space between it? A new lean may have occurred causing the tree to be structurally unsound. This puts it in danger of falling! Check out the amount of fungus or sawdust found there – call us to determine if a tree has become rotted or been eaten away by insects.

Tree trunk

    • Cavities like cracks and crevices can indicate a tree is no longer structurally sound, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a tree needs to be removed. Call an expert to determine the cracks and cavities in a tree’s trunk and its extensiveness. We will know when a cavity or crack becomes too large to continue. Trunks show the most obvious signs for infested, sick and rotting trees. Is your trunk missing large pieces of bark? This is another warning sign.

Pruning & Thinning

Usually, pruning and thinning of trees happens for 3 reasons: tree health, safety and visual appeal. Pruning trees permanently changes a tree’s structure and appearance. This must be done intentionally and correctly. The beautiful, mature trees you see around the neighbourhood had professional, intentional pruning at a young age. It’s best to call us for any tree, but especially those taller than 10-15 feet. We pride ourselves on being the best Brisbane Tree Removal and Brisbane Pruning on the Northside. It’s not worth risking it and the potential danger that can come with novice pruning of large trees.

There are many benefits for pruning timely:

  • Improve visibility
  • Increase longevity
  • Removing damaged branches
  • Allow more sunlight on your property
  • Increase aesthetics of your garden

At B&R Tree Services, we trim trees to the Australian Standard listed by the Pruning of Amenity Trees Act.


Our Brisbane Tree Removal Service team offers more than just tree removal! We want you to get the most out of your outdoor space. Mulch services are important to maintaining healthy, visually pleasing landscaping.

When completed by experts, it’s a great time-saver for any part of your lawn or garden. Mulched areas are more drought resistant and weed-free than areas without mulch. No one wants to spend so much time and energy constantly weeding, watering and combating pests!

There are many kinds of mulch that we provide, suited to certain outdoor yards/gardens:

  • Organic mulch is made up of material that was once living such as leaves, grass clippings, compost, wood chips, and pine straw.
  • Inorganic mulch is made up of items such as rocks, gravel, stones, and sheets of black plastic.

Both have advantages and choosing the right type of mulch will depend on your space’s unique circumstances.

  • Organic mulch (such as wood chips, bark, has the advantage of enriching your soil as it breaks down and releases nutrients. This process enhances microbial activity in the soil and contributes to the overall health of your plants. However, because it breaks down, organic mulch will need replacing from time to time.
  • Inorganic mulch will not breakdown or help enrich your soil, but it will last longer and require less maintenance than organic mulch.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps aren’t always great to look at, there are times you might need to have a stump removed. If a tree is removed its remaining stump may need to be removed as well. If not, the stump will decompose on its own, but there is no way to tell how long that will take. A useless stump taking up valuable space! This is where you call us for your stump grinding Brisbane needs and to make your yard safe again! Here’s a few more reasons you may need to use our stump grinding service:

  • Stumps attract fungi that can spread to and harm nearby trees
  • Increase risk of injury to you and your family

Our stump grinding method is environmentally responsible. It provides mulch for your plants, doesn’t damage your surrounding trees and plants. We do this time efficiently and leaves you with easier care for your garden.

Palm Cleaning

A lot of people ask, ‘Are all palm trees self-cleaning?’. While palm trees provide an inviting tropical look to your Brisbane home – not all palm trees are self-cleaning. As they grow, most palm trees shed their seed pods and fronds naturally. Additionally, ripe seeds attract fruit bats or damage pool filters! Left with no maintenance, fallen palm fruit and seeds can germinate in the landscape causing unnecessary mess to your garden, driveway or pavements.

Regardless of the variety of palm or whether they are self-cleaning or not, pruning large palm trees is a dangerous task. Due to the heights palm trees can reach in maturity, accessing the fronds, seedpods and fruit stalks for pruning and removal can be challenging. We at B&R Tree Services have the right tools and equipment to efficiently and most importantly safely, reach these high elevations in a practical way that allows for palm tree cleaning.

Perhaps the greatest reason to use a professional palm tree cleaning service is the expertise to know exactly what should be pruned and removed, and what should stay from your palm trees. They are a unique breed of tree, storing reserves of starch in their trunks that can be assembled during periods of stress, such as fire or frost, to regenerate lost fronds.

They are designed to try and rejuvenate these lost green fronds as fast as possible, because they are crucial to the life force of the palm, producing food and keeping it healthy. Too much pruning can be detrimental in keeping a palm tree alive, and it is regularly a mistake many amateurs make during the procedure of cleaning palm trees.

B&R Tree Services Guarantee

We are a that confident the team from B&R Tree Services will provide you with the best care for your trees, your property and you. If, by the end of the job, you don’t feel the job was completed at a high standard or caused unnecessary damage to your home and garden – we will work for FREE until you are completed delighted with the end result.

We are 100% committed to you getting the best service from B&R Tree Services and will stand by that with this guarantee.

Our team provide all your professional Brisbane tree services.

Contact the tree removal Brisbane-based team at B&R Tree Services today!

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