Why Tree Lopping is Never a Good Choice

It Harms Your Tree

Yes, tree lopping does reduce excessive tree growth and wayward branches. But it also takes away a lot of the important parts that are essential to its health and survival. By cutting away a substantial amount of branches and leaves, your tree may face the following problems:

  • Starvation – tree lopping takes away the majority of your tree’s leaves and foliage. Without these, your tree will not be able to create food for itself, which could starve and kill it.
  • Growth of wild offshoots – cut branches stimulate the growth of wild offshoots (i.e. epicormic shoots) that are weaker and more difficult to manage.
  • Introduction of tree diseases and pests – cutting away the majority of a tree’s parts decreases its natural defences against pests, tree diseases, and decay.



There’s no way to sugar coat it: lopped trees are often ugly and unsightly. With most of your tree’s parts cut away, you’ll have nothing left except its trunk and a few leafless branches. From an aesthetic point of view, there’s no reason tree lopping should be an option if you want to improve the look and design of your property.

And yet, we’ve seen it happen again and again – unsuspecting homeowners and property managers hiring Brisbane tree lopping services to reduce excess branches and tree size by lopping them. The result? Bald and empty trees that look more damaged than beautiful.


Think tree pruning is costly? Try tree lopping. Tree lopping is a labour-intensive and risky activity that often doesn’t come cheap. And if it does, then you can count on that service not being very good at all.

Not only is tree lopping expensive, but it can also cost you more money and resources in the long run. Given its potential issues listed above, it’s hard to justify the value of tree lopping. It’s rarely a one-time expense, and the future costs of maintenance and fixing whatever issues it brings make it a costly and unreasonable solution.


Because branches that grow out of lopped parts didn’t grow together with the trunk and the rest of the tree, they’re usually weaker and less stable than the original branches that were lopped. And as these branches mature and grow, they’re more likely to break and fall off, making them a potential hazard for those below. This inevitably makes excessive lopping a safety risk in the long run.

pruning-tree copy

It Could Devalue Your Property

As mentioned earlier, lopped trees are unsightly structures that can ruin your property’s design and aesthetic. This will naturally devalue your property and make it less attractive to prospective buyers and property managers. But not just that: experienced buyers and property managers also know that lopped trees require more resources to fix or remove, making it a liability to your property.

Consider Other Solutions Instead

Clearly, tree lopping isn’t something you should consider if you want a valuable and cost-effective solution for your property. So what should you use instead?

Well, there’s no single answer for every case. But a competent and professional tree service should be able to recommend the best solutions for your trees, whether it’s regular tree pruning or even tree removal.

Don’t be fooled by the low prices and lofty promises of many Brisbane tree lopping services. Now you know better, and you can find even better solutions for your needs.

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