why you should never diy stump removal

Why You Should Never DIY a Stump Removal Brisbane-wide

DIY stump removals, however, are a recipe for disaster. Here’s why you should always leave the task to a stump grinding Brisbane professional.

1. A Stump is Never Just a Stump 

On the surface a tree stump might appear easy enough to remove by yourself. It’s only when you start digging that you realise what appeared to be a manageable stump is actually just the tip of the ice berg.

Even seemingly small trees can have extensive root networks that, once uncovered, will require hours of hacking and digging to remove.

2. Professionals Have the Best Equipment

Sometimes removal by hand isn’t even possible. In these cases, if you don’t hire a stump grinding Brisbane business, you’ll have to use heavy earth removal equipment. The resulting upheaval can leave a greater eyesore on your garden than the stump you were trying to remove in the first place!

Stump grinders are the most effective tool to remove unwanted stumps. They have a high speed cutting disk which uses its rotating teeth to rapidly chip away the stump and roots to 300mm below ground level.

B & R tree services have a range of stump grinders including light weight machines that won’t damage your turf and can fit into the smallest spaces.

This means even your most hard to access stumps can be easily destroyed, freeing up more space and leaving your garden with a neat and tidy appearance.

3. Easy Waste Removal

When you choose to get a stump ground instead of excavating or poisoning it, the stump grinder will turn the wood into saw dust or wood chips which you can use as mulch for future gardening or landscaping projects. Or, you can simply opt to have the waste removed, saving you the hassle of arranging transport and the cost of tip fees.

4. Stump Grinders Save Time

Taking care of just one stump on your own can be a mammoth task, so when you have multiple stumps that need to be cleared from a property you want a solution that saves time as well as money.

When it comes to stump grinding Brisbane professionals B & R Tree Services not only have the best equipment for the job, they also have the industry knowledge of how to best conduct the required pre-removal underground utilities checks and how to navigate a property (including small or restricted spaces) most efficiently.

5. Stumps Can Be Hazardous

Un-removed stumps pose many dangers.

Tree stumps are trip or fall hazards that can be dangerous to mow around and damaging to drive over.

Stumps can also harbour dangerous fungi which can spread to other healthy trees and plants in your garden.

Furthermore, stumps make a great home for termites, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, snakes, rats, mice and mosquitoes. Even if a stump doesn’t appear to have an infestation, termite infestations can be located deep in the underground root system and take years to show any above ground signs.

Attempting to destroy an infested or infected stump on your own can result in serious injuries or potentially spread the infestation/infection to other areas of your property.

6. Untreated Stumps Can Regrow

Trees are persistent organisms and many species, especially shrubs and deciduous varieties, can grow back even after they are cut down.

Even if the above ground component of a stump is removed, a tree can still use the stored energy in the remainder of the plant to form stump sprouts around the edges of the stump or from the roots themselves.

Stump regrowth can be prevented using several methods, including chemical poisoning of the stump, burning off, or physical extraction. Stump grinding, however, is the only environmentally friendly method that eliminates all of the other hazards that come with unwanted stumps.

7. Local Councils Can Offer Removal Rebates

If the stump you want to remove is classified as an environmental weed you may be eligible for a rebate covering a percentage of the cost of stump grinding Brisbane weeds.

For example, the Ipswich City offers a financial subsidy (rebate) to owners of land within Ipswich City Council borders for the removal of Chinese Elms on their property. The rebate is capped at $600 per financial year per rates assessment number.

Who Should You Call?

If you have a stump you want to disappear call, email or live chat with the team at B & R Tree Services today. B & R Tree Services offer free quotes, friendly service and competitive prices for stump grinding Brisbane wide.

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