the best reason for pruning a tree in Brisbane

The Best Reasons to Have Your Trees Pruned in Brisbane

Yard Maintenance

There is nothing worse than an untidy lawn covered in leaves and foliage. It sure can be a pain to clean up, especially in autumn when leaves are continually falling from your trees. You can easily reclaim your lawn once again by taking advantage of tree pruning in Brisbane to trim back those dangling branches. So put down that rake and keep your lawn clean with ease once your trees are pruned. There is no need to remove the tree completely when a simple prune will do the trick in autumn months.


Are your trees looking a little bit shabby of late? Are their unsightly branches reaching out in the wrong directions, affecting the aesthetics of your property? It’s like those trees have a mind of their own! Bring those trees back into line by having them pruned so they look picture perfect once again. Your yard will no longer look unkempt once your trees are properly pruned, returning both your yard and your trees to a visually pleasing state.

Overgrown Tree

Having shade and privacy on your property is always a positive of having wide branching trees in your yard, but at times those trees can get a little big for their roots. Large trees can become overgrown, extending out past the barriers of your yard and encroaching on your neighbour’s yard or the public sidewalk. It probably is best to avoid sparking a row with a neighbour thanks to an overhanging branch reaching into their yard. Undertaking some tree pruning in Brisbane with the help of a professional will solve this problem for you. The encroaching branches will be pruned back to an appropriate length while still retaining a decent amount of shady cover you desire from your trees.


At times trees can also be the cause for serious safety concerns. Heaven forbid a branch grows out and reaches an unsafe places such as a power line. Be sure to have your tree pruning in Brisbane done before your tree grows large enough to reach power lines, as it will make it difficult and unsafe to trim when the time comes.

Depending how large your tree is and where it is located in your yard, there is also the potential for large loose branches to fall and injure someone. This is especially a concern if you have little ones who love to climb your trees. Get those loose branches sorted once and for all by getting a tree service in to prune back those branches.

Storm Season

It is so important for households to undertake tree pruning Brisbane-wide to prepare for storm season every year. Tree pruning in Brisbane especially, is so vital at this time of year because loose and overhanging branches can pose a serious safety risk. Safety is a much bigger concern during storm season than any other time of year because branches easily become projectiles in gale force winds.  Those loose branches could easily break off in a storm and seriously harm you or damage your property. Make sure you are prepared this storm season by pruning back your trees and prevent any unnecessary hazards.

Tree Health

Did you know there is potential to fix a diseased and rotten tree with a simple prune? Pruning an unhealthy tree can do wonders for its health and prevent the disease from spreading. Save your precious tree from being cut down and help bring it back to health by getting a professional service who offers tree pruning Brisbane-wide to take care of the job for you. You can also prune your tree while it is healthy as a preventative measure to ensure it continues growing strong. Pruning can also assist younger and newly planted trees with growth.

Your Tree Pruning Solution

So it’s decided, it is time to give those trees a pruning. Who do you turn to for professional tree pruning Brisbane-wide? Look no further than B&R Tree Services. No matter what your reason is to cut back your trees, whether it be for yard maintenance, appearance, an overgrown tree, safety, storm season or to improve tree health, we have the experience to get it done right to best suit your tree pruning needs.

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