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Affordable Yard Services & Tree Removal Brisbane North - Get Your Free Quote Today!

Clearing and cleaning trees can be a tiresome work, especially when you may not have the best tools for the job.

That’s when calling in tree removal Brisbane specialists in the field like B&R Tree Services can make all the difference to getting the job done quickly, safely and efficiently and with as little impact as possible on you and your neighbours. 

From tree pruning and hedge trimming, to your palm tree cleaning or full tree removal and stump grinding Brisbane services, your yard will look better for using us.

A tree removal Brisbane expert scaling tree branches.

B&R Tree Services have almost 30 years of experience in cutting trees from residential and commerical areas in a manner that is safe and efficient, meaning you and your family are protected and cared for through the tree cutting and tree removal process.

We have clients from all areas including government, council, business and residential so have the knowledge and expertise to address your needs with confidence.

You can count on B&R as your tree lopping Brisbane experts, offering a full range of tree services at affordable rates.

We are committed to you getting the best results from B&R Tree Services, and will care for your trees, your property and your family with no mess left behind.

Tree lopping Brisbane professional cutting down branches with chainsaw.

The Tree Removal Team in Brisbane That Leaves Your Yard Clean! 100% Work Satisfaction Guarentee

We know that there is considerable debris as a result of cutting, trimming or lopping a tree and are dedicated to giving you back a yard that you can use straight away.

Our team will clean up and leave your yard neat and tidy so there is no additional work you have to do in order to make use of your yard again. Feel free to call us to discuss any of your required tree services in Brisbane.

We commit to this level of service no matter how big or how small the job is that you need us to do, and we do it safely and efficiently.

With any of our tree services in Brisbane, you will save on tip fees, ute hire or trailer hire, and save time while gaining a beautiful unobstructed view or a safer environment.

We mulch all the trees on site with our chipper, so there is nothing left that would need to be carted away.

Our Range of Tree Services Brisbane

We have a full range of services outside of tree removal and tree lopping to suit your needs, with experience in landscaping design and maintenance we can also advise you on the best ways to keep your yard in order.

Our expert staff will have you enjoying and admiring your yard, rather than dreading having to work in it.

Our services include:

+ Tree Lopping & Removals Across Brisbane

Maintaining your trees on your property can be a simple procedure when done through our experienced tree removal Brisbane crew.

Ensuring that the trees you have around your home or business are healthy, without abnormal growth, decay or rot is an important part of keeping people who visit your home or office safe during storms, and severe winds.

On occasion if a tree has rot, a branch can fall without warning causing thousands of dollars of property damage or bodily harm. In this case, prevention is well worthwhile spending money on to keep your property and your family protected.

Talk with the tree lopping Brisbane pros at B&R Tree Services for advice, guidance and a FREE quote for you home.

+ Tree Pruning & Thinning

Your trees may be well established and add a feeling of privacy for your home, but they may be too thick or be overhanging your neighbours, the street front or your gutters.

Some trees may even be growing over service wires and require urgent maintenance to avoid risk of electrocution or damage from storms.

During all of our tree pruning Brisbane jobs, we cut the tree back to a safe and acceptable distance in line with the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees. This ensures trees are kept secure and stable from the roots up as they grow in the coming years, while avoiding potential hazardous situations.

If an overgrown tree needs cleaning and you don't want to engage in tree removal services, get the specalist, insured team: B&R Tree Services

+ Palm Tree Removal & Cleaning

Palm trees are a staple part of the tropical Queensland landscape, they are found in most gardens around Brisbane and often found next to swimming pools or clustered together.

Most palm trees drop seedpods and large fronds naturally during their growing process, which is easy to clean up and tidy away. Some palms though are not self-cleaning and require regular maintenance to keep your yard looking clean and inviting.

That’s where our palm tree cleaning expertise ensures there are no heavy fronds to land on someone walking past underneath, and remove the seed pods to avoid the nuisance of bats, birds or other wildlife around your home.

On occasion you may need the palm tree removed altogether due to storm damage, rot or age. Trust the experts at B&R Tree services to remove your palms with ease, leaving you a fresh area to landscape, and a cleaner yard.

+ Hedge Trimming 

Having you’re the hedges around your home in order adds great visual interest to your yard as well as a privacy barrier for everyone in your home.

While this is something that you can do yourself, having a team of hedge trimming experts with the appropriate tolls can bring about a cleaner finish and add street appeal and attractiveness to your property.

If you are planning on selling your home, this is one area that can increase property value and give a great first impression. We can trim your hedges to a specific design, and regular maintenance promotes healthy growth and adds a lush quality to your yard.

Hedges are most commonly used to define boundaries and can work well in many locations including a front yard for privacy, the back yard to denote bbq areas, and the front of commercial buildings or apartment blocks to increase visual appeal.

Let us take care of your hedges so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.

+ Mulching

We all know how beneficial mulching is for garden beds, how it retains the moisture, reduces weeds, keeps and even root temperature and guards against potential damage from lawn equipment.

There is also great aesthetic appeal form having a freshly mulched garden bed with healthy and beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers showing through.

Mulching can be an arduous job that is often very time consuming, this is where using B&R Tree services can save you both time and money.

Using our expertise we can provide you with the best mulch for your particular plants, ensuring they get the greatest benefit from the mulch and becoming healthier in the process, meaning your garden will look better with less ongoing maintenance. Easy!

+ Stump Grinding 

When a tree is removed, the stump that remains generally should be removed as well in order to prevent regrowth, termites, root rot and decay or other nasties.

Sometimes you may have a tree that was removed years ago starting to show some of these conditions and need attending to in order to keep the rest of your yard safe, healthy and pest free. We have stump grinding Brisbane professionals who can safely take care of the task for you.

B&R Tree Services take the stump to an industry standard of 300mm below ground, then do a full waste clean up and removal.

We have equipment that can access almost any area on your property, so even if the tree stump that needs grinding is located in an awkward spot, feel free to get in touch and talk with us about access and options for successful stump grinding and removal.

Professional tree lopping by a harnessed expert.

Brisbane Tree Services Guaranteed

We are 100% committed to you getting the best service from B&R Tree Services, and will stand by that with this guarantee.

We are committed to keeping you and your family safe, as well as making sure your property is neat and tidy when we leave. We will do the agreed tree lopping, removal, trimming mulching or grinding service at your premises, with a full clean up… and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the result, we will keep cleaning until you are.

If you have any other questions, please read our FAQ’s for more details.

We are fully insured and licenced and will keep your property in the best condition while we work, and leave your yard ready for use when we are finished.

You can count on B&R Tree Services to do an excellent job, providing affordable tree lopping Brisbane services.

Tree Removal Testimonials

We have many clients who are happy with the services we provide for their yards.

Anne and Peter from Albany Creek were happy to have less mess going into their pool from their Palm Trees:

Thanks for cleaning our palms. Now there is no more mess going into our pool. The last time we had it done, we had to finish cleaning up afterwards. It was great that we didn’t have to do it this time.

Dave and Marina from Ferny Hills are now able to build their side fence with their neighbours unobstructed:

Thanks for another great job in removing our dead tree. Our neighbours and we are happy to be able to build our new side fence. We were impressed how you left the yard.

You can see more testimonials about B&R Tree Services.

Get your FREE quote for our tree removal Brisbane service, or anything else we offer by calling 07 3264 6398 or filling out our booking form on our contact us page.


Trees safely pruned or removed
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